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Tinting the car is not just for style purposes but it has, in fact, practical benefits. If you haven’t tinted your car yet, here are the top 5 reasons to do so now:

  1. Car tint repels the heat from outside. Without tint, the car can overheat easily. You will notice that even if you have the sun shade on your windshield, the car can still get so hot especially during summer time. It is just so hard to get inside the car after it has been parked outside for a while. Car tint can reduce heat by up to 50%. It makes the ride more convenient and it cuts down gas consumption.
  2. It makes driving safer. Sunlight passing through the glass can cause glare that can interfere with your driving. Lights from other vehicles can also cause glare. When the car is tinted, it will be safer for you to drive especially during the day.
  3. When car windows break, they usually shatter to pieces but not when they are tinted. The tint serves as temper for the glass. When hit with a force, the glass will break but it will not be shattered to pieces. This offers safety benefit for the driver and car passengers.
  4. The ultraviolet ray from the sun is harmful to the skin. Without car tint, the UV rays can get to your skin and you may have a higher chance to acquire skin cancer. The tint of the car helps block these harmful UV rays by up to 99%.
  5. Without car tint, the car can be so bare. Everything inside the car is easily visible from outside. This is one the major cause of car burglary. The tint helps ensure the privacy of the inside of the car.

These are the reasons why it is beneficial to tint your car. In Southern California, the sun can have damaging effects on both your car and you and your family, So check out The Tint Specialist we are always here to help.

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