Residential Window Tinting

With the rising cost of everything in today’s market, it makes sense that you want to save every penny you possibly can. Did you know that tinting flat windows in your home can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your heating and cooling bill? Added energy efficiency is only one of the benefits of applying film to your windows. It adds aesthetic value and safety.

Upscale Value with Maximum Safety

The most cost effective way to add value to your home is by installing any one of our decorative, sun control or safety films. We have a variety of colors, shades and patterns which will dramatically improve your home’s curbside appeal. Additionally, think of the measure of safety you will enjoy if your home’s contents are not visible to passersby.

Super Easy Installation

The Tint Specialist can install window film with no muss, fuss or hassle to your daily life. You’ll be amazed at the difference one of our window film treatments will make within the first hour of installation.

Commercial Tinting

Our window film treatments are not just reserved for our automotive or residential customers. We also specialize in saving money for our commercial clients as well! How can we do this through window film application? It’s simple. Untreated flat windows absorb heat, increase cooling costs and allow the dangerous UV rays to seep into the building’s environment.

With our specialized, energy saving film, we can help you increase your building’s heating/cooling efficiency, make your employees happy and put some green back where it belongs-in your wallet.

There’s also a hidden benefit we bet you were not aware of-many film treatments are available for an energy tax credit. What a great way to save!

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